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Name:Oh Ko-Mo
Birthdate:Jun 27
Location:United States of America
Things you might notice right away when looking at Ko-Mo: The fact that he is very pretty (pretty enough to be mistaken for a girl), with long flowing blond hair. Also he has a scar across his neck from having his throat slit.

Your Name: Sera
Preferred Email: mahoubunnybell (at) gmail (dot) com
Character's name: Oh Ko-Mo
Character's fandom: Snow Drop
Tell us about the character and his fandom:
"So-Na was kidnapped and raped as a child, but she is trying to put that experience behind her. When she meets Hae-Gi in high school, they instantly click and fall in love with each other. However, a dark secret from their past threatens to tear them apart. Like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, Snowdrop is about two star-crossed teens who fall madly in love." - That is the summary of the manhwa Snow Drop. It is a modern-day Romeo and Juliet-esque story about Yu So-Na and Oh Hae-Gi, following the ups and downs of the lives of these star crossed lovers all the way up to their (rather predictable) happy ending. Ko-Mo is part of the not as predictable background pairing in the manga.

Ko-Mo, the younger brother of the male lead who is working as a hairdresser, is first mistaken for a girl by So-Na, the female lead, and her male friend Ha-Da. So-Na is quickly set straight about the situation. Ha-Da... well, not so much. Not only does he continue thinking that Ko-Mo is a girl, but he also has the hots for "her" and is determined to get Ko-Mo to go out with him. Ko-Mo of course thinks that Ha-Da is an idiot because of this (and the fact that well, he is one) and refuses to have anything to do with it- until he realizes that Ha-Da could prove to be extremely useful.

You see, Ko-Mo and Hae-Gi's older brother Gae-Ri died at age 15 under suspicious circumstances, and shortly after that Ko-Mo witnessed some men beak into his home and rough up his mother, who is now suffering from amnesia in the hospital. Hae-gi chose to work towards paying for expensive treatment to cure his mother after all this, but Ko-Mo chose to instead become obsessed with what he was sure was the murder of his eldest brother and set out to find and get revenge on whoever was responsible. When Ko-Mo realizes that Ha-Da (the son of a mafia boss and owner of a popular night club) has connections that could help him find his brother's killer he has a change of heart, telling Ha-Da that he'll use him for awhile and even going so far as to dress as a girl to keep up the charade. This act goes on for quite awhile, with Ko-Mo becoming the first person that Ha-Da ever seemed to take seriously, until finally Ko-Mo decided that Ha-Da was no longer useful and revealed that he was male.

Oddly even after the realization Ha-Da has a hard time actually getting over Ko-Mo. The two manage to remain friends of sorts even, held together by the fact that Ha-Da's best friend and Ko-Mo's brother are an item.

Shortly after this it is revealed that Oh Gae-Ri (Ko-Mo and Hae-gi's brother) was murdered by Ha-Da's father, on order from So-Na's congressman father after he abducted and raped So-Na. Yeah, the shit really hit the fan there. Stuff happens, and in the end the Oh family are shipped off to New York to keep So-Na and Hae-Gi apart. Ko-Mo is not happy about this. He's even less happy when Ha-Da- who has realized that despite Ko-Mo being male he does in fact still love him- follows him to New York to try to talk to him. He chooses to express this unhappiness in a very stupid manner- by stabbing Ha-Da (in his deffense he warned him. Repeatedly. He was left with no options). Ha-Da's gangster family isn't to pleased with this, and abduct Ko-Mo for Ha-Da to kill in retribution. Instead Ha-Da forgives Ko-Mo and tells him that he still loves him. So Ko-Mo does what he does best- he uses Ha-Da as a ride back to Korea and a place to stay, at least until a member of a political party opposing So-Na's father approaches Ko-Mo and offers to bring what the congressman did to Ko-Mo's brother court.

Ko-Mo not only accepts but promises to get them the evidence they need to charge both So-Na's father AND Ha-Da's father- and does this by starting a fight with Ha-Da and trying to get him to say his father killed Gae-ri. Ha-Da knows about the tape recorder and willingly says what Ko-Mo wants, warning him that now his father is going to have Ko-Mo killed. Ko-Mo, who has no fear of dying because he doesn't even love himself, isn't bothered by this fact and refuses to give up the tape, so Ha-Da runs off with him to try to keep him safe. It doesn't end well, though- with Ko-Mo's throat slashed and his life only saved because Ha-Da managed to get So-Na to cut her ties with Hae-Gi and promised to cut all his ties with Ko-Mo as well.

When Ko-Mo comes too his is of course even more angry than ever- and takes his anger out by breaking into So-Na's house and trying to kill the congressman that ordered his brother's death. A long, dramatic scene ensues, with the end result of So-Na being accidentally shot by her father and Hae-Gi accidentally stabbed by Ko-Mo (who should really NOT be allowed to use sharp objects). The two are admitted to the hospital in comas and Ko-Mo goes off to pick fights with gangsters- either to let off steam or to get himself killed. Luckily he happens to run into Ha-Da again at this time, and asks Ha-Da to run away with him. Ha-Da lectures him on how stupid he was, and how he needs to love himself and admit he loves other people before there can be anything between them. They argue, but in the end Ko-Mo admits he loves Ha-Da too and they run off to the hospital to witness the main couple's miraculous ending.

After this they really aren't seen much, other than in the background through the entire 12th book, but Ko-Mo and Ha-Da seem to be living happily together and Ko-Mo seems to have gotten over his fixation on revenge.

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